Monday, October 22, 2012

Nathan Drake

I'm playing Psvita's Uncharted: Golden Abyss these days, and I'm really liking it. The game's just beautiful in every way. It's my first Uncharted game (don't have a PS3) and, well, isn't Nathan Drake one of the hottest male videogame characters of all time? I remember someone requested me to draw him last year, but I actually didn't know who he was back then. This is my fanart of him, and I hope you like it. Please, excuse me for that poor background...

Also, I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome in the past entry. It really motivates me. Thanks!

Estos días estoy jugando a Uncharted: El abismo de oro de Psvita, y me está gustando mucho. El juego es una delicia técnica en todos los sentidos. Es el primer Uncharted al que juego, ya que no tengo una PS3, y... He de admitir que Nathan Drake es uno de los personajes masculinos más sexy que he visto jamás en un videojuego. Recuerdo que alguien me pidió que lo dibujara el año pasado, pero en aquel entonces no sabía muy bien quién era. Pues bien, ésta es mi versión de él, y espero que os guste. Eso sí, debéis perdonarme por ese fondo tan cutre...

También me gustaría agradeceros los comentarios de la anterior entrada. Me motivan mucho. ¡Gracias!


  1. I'm so happy to see you back! ;.;

  2. Mr. Drake, you're looking goooood! ^^

  3. you're back! thats awesome, I really like your work ^^ muchos saludos.

  4. It looks like good game! How about Persona4 the golden? It'great game in vita too!!

    1. I did play Persona4 on ps2, but haven't played Persona4 The Golden on vita since it hasn't been released here yet. But I will play it once it's out :)

  5. I'm so happy to see you posting stuff again and even more to see that you like Nathan Drake!
    I love that man and there needs to be more naughty art of him out there!
    I'm also jealous that you got to play Golden Abyss! I don't have a vita.
    I'm sorry to hear that you haven't played the other three Uncharted games. They're great!
    Since you cant play them here's the next best thing!
    This guy on youtube has edited the first three games into movies!
    Watch them! You will love it! They work great as movies!
    Uncharted 1

    Uncharted 2

    Uncharted 3

    Please watch them when you have some free time. ^_~

    1. Thank you very much for the links Sidious. I will watch them! :D