Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to Peek a dong!

Hello everyone, it's DongSaeng from Y-Gallery.

So... Some people told me that Y-Gallery could be gone in a month. At first I didn't took them seriously and thought that they were joking. But then I read that the news in the front page (I never pay attention to the news post there, I'm a bad and lazy person.) It would be terrible if that ever happens... There's nothing I could do to help though, but I hope someone does.

However, I think I have a responsability with my fans there, who have supported me to this point with their comments, cheers and commissions. I owe them a lot, and will always do. That's why I decided to create this new blog, so you can follow my bara/manga/whatever art in the case that Y-Gallery shuts down (I hope that will never happen though *crossing fingers*.)

I will post here my new sketches and stuff, and if Y-gallery finally closes, I will upload here my old art too. I apologize because of the layout... This is one default blogger template. Right now I can't make one special template, but I will do soon.

Since I haven't had this planned, I have no new sketches to post today. Here's the last drawing I posted yesterday in Y-gallery. Also, I'm posting the lineart too... I love to see my drawing painted by other people, so feel free to paint it if you like it.

Thank you for coming here and excuse my poor english.