Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wet tanned guy

I finished my internship, so I'm back! Still not free enough to take commissions, but having enough time to do some sketches. Here's a non-asian guy that I've just finished... But probably some people will think he's asian no matter what. It's ok. I guess I do it unconsciously. I just like asian features very much! But I would like to be able to draw other facial features too.

What is all of this about? Well, I've read some comments in a certain "bara" board where, aside from hating me and hating my work, they said that the Chris I drew some time ago was asian when he wasn't supposed to be... I understand that lots of people can dislike my art, that's perfectly fine, and I got used to their hateful comments and I just ignore them, but... do you really think he look asian? I ask you, my readers. I would like to know, in order to improve drawing all kind of faces, so please be honest. Thank you.

Regarding the commissions, since some people emailed me about it, I would like to let you know that I will be free starting the 16th of the next month. I will take some commissions then. Thanks!


  1. Pfft! Asian Chris or American Chris it doesnt matter, we draw what we want and draw how we want and can.

    We love your works no matter what :D
    its your style, our art modifier... they just dont know how to draw hahaha

  2. ¡Jajaja, para nada! A menos que seas DEMASIADO quisquilloso, podes llegar a verle algo de asiatico en la mirada, pero aun asi yo no creo que tenga rasgos.
    De todas formas, como decis vos, por ahi es inconciente, o realmente son gente que se dedica a tirar mala onda ¬¬ A mi me encanta todos tus trabajos! :3

    BTW, me encantaria ver alguna vez algun video del tipo Speedrawing, me interesa ver tu proceso :D (obviamente, cuando tengas un tiempo libre). Saludos! :D

  3. De verdad me encanta cómo dibujas. Sigo tu blog desde hace un tiempo y haces unas lineas tan limpias, me encanta cómo coloreas y sombreas también ^^ (También los tiarrones, por supuesto XD).

    PSD: Versión traducida de las entradas por favor!!! El castellano es precioso T^T♥

  4. Good-looking and tanned. I think asian skin is more on yellow-orange while american is more reddish pink. But race doesn't matter as long as your art is hot.

    Link me

  5. haters gonna hate dude, i don't like the asian features myself, but running my face in a recognition program many of the result happen to be japanese actors, i have this cat eyes that make me look weird XD.
    En fin, no tomes en cuenta los cometarios que te traten de desacreditar, es arte, y como tal no tiene forma de agradarle a todo el mundo, pero eso no significa que sea malo o bueno, tu al menos tienes un gusto y tendencia bien definidos ^^


  7. It never occurred to me that he looked like anything except for Chris Redfield. I would just ignore that kind of comment, hahah. But at the same time, it's never a bad thing to stretch yourself and try new things as an artist, so . . .

    Welcome back to the internets from your internship! Now I have half a month to think up a great commission for you! :3

  8. Wow! What material are those briefs made of? Looks like hot wet latex briefs to me lol

    Thing is, when you draw some Asian guy one can tell he IS Asian. Whoever thought your Chris was not American has never seen any of your Asian hunks at all. The original Chris might have small and thin eyes, and looking a bit thinner in your version, but there's nothing to it. So answering your question: Only the guys you want to look Asian do look Asian. Otherwise, look at Bonnie in the eyes and tell me if he looks 'Made in Taiwan' lol

    But I predict you'll take this as a chance to broaden your skills and get even better. Break any possible restraints and feel free to try any ethnicity you know. I bet you'll find the ways to get great on this too.

  9. First of all, wow. I can't believe anyone would actually find a reason to dislike your work. Seriously your work is amazing! I honestly don't think you made your Chris look asian either. He did look amazing though. ^_^ As does your most recent work, keep up the awesome job man!

  10. Very lovely drawing of a tanned wet guy, I like the glistening effects of his wet skin. It's unfortunate that there are always negative people with negative comments flying around. It's best just to ignore them.

    The Chris Redfield you did recently is honestly one of my absolute favourites, I just never get tired of him. There might be the very slightest hint of Asian going on, but to be honest it's not something I noticed until you mentioned it. But I think it's great that you are willing to receeve feedback in an attempt to improve your work.

  11. 10 artists draw Chris and they are gonna look different (face and body); it is not a photo. Cute is cute whether Asian or whatever. Draw how and what you love, not for close-minded people. Your art is fresh and sexy.

  12. A ver, no se me ocurre la razón por la que alguien pueda "odiar" a otra persona por hacer unos dibujos. Y menos cuando cualquiera puede ver que son de bastante calidad independientemente de si te gusta o no la temática. Yo, te felicito, sinceramente!

  13. First time here, love the blog, love your pics! <3

  14. love them also :) thanks for sharing!

    If you want check my blog about yaoi & gay male art, I'm sure you'll love it!

  15. Me gusta mucho como dibujas :) de verdad, tus dibujos son demasiado agradables de apreciar :) espero poder ver muchos más en el futuro.

  16. I will always have more spanking art to pitch to you whenever you need money!

    (I also think it is funny that you are the best modern artist when it comes to spanking that I know of, even though your real interests are the exact opposite!)

  17. The previous post was from Redspkscott. Don't know why it did that.

  18. Heyyyy, I'm so excited for this blog, I'm a huge and I mean HUGE fan of your artwork, and like many other have said before, don't let bad criticism knock you down.

    Soy de Venezuela y vivo en Venezuela jaja, de verdad que te agradezco un monton por hacer este blog y si pudiera te seguiria pero no se como ._. Jajajajaja. Tu tecnica para dibujar es impecable ojala y yo pudiera dibujar como tu y por cierto, en toooodoooooo el internet estan tus trabajos regados, seme ocurria que lo que consiguieras los subieras aca en un post que diga no se, trabajos pre-blog (en ingles) jajaja de verdad, si consigo la pagina que tiene una galeria toda de ti te aviso, es que no recuerdo :D. Y de nuevo, Graciaaaaaaaaaassss por el blog. Mantenlo activo :)

  19. Not gonna lie, he does look Asian and Chris basically looked Asian too. I don't know how you can't tell how to draw him looking Caucasian, because the other Chris images you did in the past were much better in general, and he didn't look Asian either. With your recent Chris drawing, you drew his penis horribly, including his balls. On top of that being a cut penis was even worse. There were other clear problems such as his arms and his ass. I don't know how you actually thought that was your best Chris image when both of the other Chris images in your gallery are far, far better.

    You want a tip to not make people Asian? Stop giving everyone the same beady, almond-shaped eyes. Your Leon didn't even begin to resemble the character.

  20. but, but, the almond eyes ... like mine, whatever, that is David's choice

  21. Nezu 13: Thank you for loving my work :D

    Leon: Muchas gracias Leon. Hmm... no sé cómo podría compartir un vídeo de ese tipo. Recuerdo que cuando pintaba Oekakis se grababa el proceso. ¿Existe algún programa que tú conozcas para hacerlo? :)

    Daniel: Mi nueva entrada la he escrito en Castellano. Muchas gracias! me alegro de que te gusten mis imágenes :D

    Cuteguy: I will link you. Thank you very much.

    Itan: Tienes razón. No tiene porqué gustarle a todo el mundo y eso es algo que debería tener siempre en mente. Muchas gracias :D

    rmandomm: Trataré de hacer algún chico menos grandote. Gracias :)

    Soupgobling: Thank you for your comment. I'm glad to know that he looked like Chris to you :). Thanks!

    Petit: Muchas gracias Petit. Me fio mucho más de tu criterio que de lo que diga cualquier persona anónima en un foro donde se veneran algunas imágenes monstruosas. Además, siempre me has sido sincero cuando algo te ha parecido extraño en mis imágenes xD

    Los calzones son de vinilo blanco xD

    Sengokurocks: Thank you very much!!!! :D

    Reikiro: It is one of your favourites? wow, thanks! It's better to ignore them, but sometimes it's hard to do so hehe. Again, thank you! :D

    Teddy: Thanks!

    Lei: you're right. Thank you very much ;D

    Huckel: Muchas gracias Huckel :)

    Donoletic: Thanks!

    Naruto: Thank you :)

    Neko: Muchas gracias :D

    Scott: I knew the comment was yours before reading the next comment hehe. I hope to be able to take commissions soon :D

    Riujei: Muchas gracias! Trataré de postear todo mi trabajo anterior... me da un poco de pereza, pero lo haré jeje. Saludos desde España.

    ChazXandern: I guess from what I read that you're the same guy from baraspot. Well, thanks for your opinion and for posting it here so I can read it directly. I agree that he's not anatomically very well drew... I'm not as good as some people think, and sometimes make mistakes with anatomy. I have to improve lot of things. Still, the other Chris images I did have lot of flaws, and I still like that one the best. The cut or uncut think is more your personal preference so I won't attend to that. And the asian or not asian... Well, maybe with Chris I was confsed, but the guy above doesn't look asian to me at all, so I won't agree to that either. But I respect your opinion.

    Thanks for the tip. I like those kind of eyes, so I can't promise that I won't still draw them... But I will try to make different kind of eyes.


    This is the longest comment ever.

  22. I don't actually post on baraspot, so no that wasn't me. The guy you drew here is undeniably Asian-looking. His eyes are so almond-shaped that it even looks like he has epicanthic folds.

    You're right, the other images of Chris you have contain mistakes as well. For someone who is a fan of Chris though, and someone who has seen your art since early on, the most recent Chris image is not an improvement.

    And don't take my comments as bashing. Hard critique maybe. I like some of your works though. I might have personally opinions against it like the fact I dislike cut penis and the boys you draw with Bieber bobs, but I feel my statements on the way you draw faces and the problems with your recent Chris drawings come more so from reason and quality than opinion. If one problem your having with faces is some people are noticing they look Asian when they're not even supposed to, you should try to draw faces differently. It is clear that you struggle to draw unique facial features. And though an artist has the right to blame complaints on their style, changing your style around never hurts.

  23. I never knew you had haters...
    Everyone has their own style right?
    Its your art. Its not theirs.
    They don't even have a right to complain.
    Its not like you're forcing them to look at it.

    I like most of your works.
    Some are very good and some does not appeal to me.
    Its just the way things are.
    And I don't have a problem with it coz its how you want it to be made.
    People can give different comments coz they have different tastes but what matters most is your own opinion on your own creations.

  24. Congratulations! Your works are awesome!
    Big hugs from Brasil!