Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sexy smoker

Smoking. That's one thing that I really dislike about my boyfriend but also find very attractive for some reason... I would like him to quit smoking, because it's bad for him, also it smells and it's rather expensive, but he's very sexy while smoking. I can't help it. Whatever, I hope you like this rough sketch.

I've been absent a few weeks, and it seems like I will be absent again for another pair. I've just started an internship in a publishing company, and it's kind of stressing...

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  1. yeah, I agree that I dont like the cigar smell, I can imagine how it taste like kissing with a cigar breath XD

  2. I wonder what is it that makes smoking look good? Specially now that it's been almost completely banned from the whole media industry. I guess it's the primitive lust for bad and rebel boys that rules above the love for the healthy ones, huh?

    Anywaaaaaaaay Sexaaaaaay!! ^o^=

    (y parece que agarre una morcilla XD)

  3. I promise i'll eventually try to quit smoking again! I'm so lucky to have you... :D You're so damn sexy... and intelligent and cute and sweet. I love you, guapo.

  4. I feel the same way you do, I think smoking is sexy even if I hate everything about it.

    Very work again though.

  5. this drawing is just amazing !! I love your style !

  6. i don't mind my man smokes, but i don't encourage it as well.

    however, strangely enough i kinda like that tangy nicotine aftertaste when kissing someone who had just smoked a cigarette. i tasted, somehow... masculine.


  7. hmm. well, for his well being.. its better if he quit smoking. :) .

    but yeah, i do agree..guy that smokes does look sexy, but then again.. would you risk your health just to look sexy? =.=''.

    nice illustration btw. love it <3 .

  8. AWWWWWWWW!!!!!

    Aquí tienes a una fiel seguidora, acabo de entrar en tu blog y ya estoy flipando por un tubo OMG 0.0

    Eres un dibujante excelente, yo también estoy trabajando el bara, pero soy un desastre XD

    El chico....para qué nos vamos a engañar está para toma pan y moja, pero nome gustan los fumadores, pero me gusta este chico .....wgrong *indecisión....

    En fin un placer...