Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chris Redfield

Someone requested Chris in the comments of the last entry. I was feeling like drawing some handsome muscled guy, and I thought Chris would be a good choice! I think this is my best fanart of Chris yet.

Please, clic to see a larger version. Hope you like it.


  1. OMG! Chris Redfield!!!
    You made him sooooo hot!!! Woooo!
    I've been wanting to draw Chris for a long time, but I havent have the time to do it T-T
    Hope vacation is near XD


  2. UOO! Precisamente el otro día jugábamos al RE5 y efestiviwonder!! Este tipo está mega macizo!! XDD

    Y la cara te ha quedado clavada! En algún momento del juego tendría que girarse a cámara y marcarse una pose de estas, me daría un chungo, pero habría valido la pena XD

  3. nezu13: can't wait to see your version of chris. Thank you!

    itan: thanks!

    Petit: sería gracioso xD Gracias :P

  4. thanks for making my day. you've drawn such a yummier rendition of chris than i have expected. hahaha....


  5. Woooweeeee. This is absolutely stunningly good! Incredibly hot. You did a great job on him.

  6. AMO el Lineart que haces! Especialmente los labios! *3*

  7. Plz make more chris drawing lol

  8. i would love to see a guy like this get it on with another muscle stud!