Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank you!

As the picture and the title says, thank you very much for visiting and following this blog. I feel really honoured and it really makes me very, very happy.

Being honest, there was a time in the past when I started to feel that drawing yaoi wasn't my thing anymore. I started feeling like experimenting with other things... I mean, I partially lost my interest in drawing yaoi and other kind of stuff got all my attention. I'm sure that people who have been watching me from the beginning had noticed this when it started to happen.

But, recently, I'm starting to feel like drawing men again. Even though I'm interested in other kinds of illustration and that I want to be other kind of illustrator in the future, I'm noticing now how important is drawing men to me... It relax me. It's fun to me. I don't feel pressure when I'm drawing surrealistic muscles, cute guy faces, or other related stuff. And sharing this work with people makes me feel good too. Also, I noticed how much I still have to improve at this. And I want to see how much better can I get. That's why I will try to improve in order to provide everyone better pictures in the future and non stop drawing yaoi for now.

Ahh... Why I'm typing so serious? The important thing is: Thanks! Thank you very much, for all the support.

Next time it'll be 99% drawing, 1% text, I promise!


  1. Oh, vamos, de veras es interesante leer lo que escribes, soy, y sé, que eres consciente de que muchos de los que vienen aquí talvez no lo leen, pero, los que lo hacen, de veras lo disfrutan. Un artista es simplemente mas que imagenes.

  2. Bueno, escribir nunca ha sido uno de mis fuertes, pero se agradece saber que hay quien lee las cuatro cosas que escribo en ese pseudoidioma parecido al inglés de ahí arriba jeje.

    La palabra artista me queda muy grande! pero gracias :P

  3. Pues la verdad, es bastante entendible lo que haz escrito. A simple vista no aprecio ningún error gramatical. Hasta diria que me tope con un par de palabras que desconocia cuando lo traducí.Jaja

    De todos modos, artista no te queda grande. Si fuera asi, solo tu publico podría decidir, supongo. :D

  4. don't stop drawing!

    keep up the good work.

    owh, and if you have the time, can you draw chris redfield from the re series? he's super-hawt.

    ngee... *hugs*

  5. Es lindo que que tu artista favorito te dedique esas palabras ^_^
    Me gusta muchisimo la forma en que dibujas, tanto Yaoi como otro tipo de pics que hiciste (me encanta esa del chico de tu clase que no querias que se de cuenta que lo dibujaste XD).
    En fin, es lindo saber que disfrutas lo que haces, nosotros mucho mas! :D

  6. dot: Thank you veru much. I have drawn chris earlier. You can find them on my Y gal. Hugs!

    Leon: Muchas gracias Leon!

  7. Good to see you back drawing yaoi, we should all do what makes us happy!

  8. "bad porn illustrator" la humildad ante todo, pero a veces se vale ser arrogante, eres muy bueno en lo que haces, la verdad nunca me gustó el yaoi hasta que me topé de casualidad con tu trabajo hace unos meses

  9. Really good illustration..Hope u can check mine as well

  10. You are one of those artist that inspires me alot in drawing... so DONT STOP DRAWING XD ♥♥♥

  11. ¡Uo! ¡Qué tierno! Me ha sonado a un largo y agradable "I'm back for good" ♥

    ¡Y enhorabuena! Me da que la cifra seguirá subiendo y subiendo jeje

    P.D. Qué gracioso el autoretrato que has puesto en la info personal! jaja Dónde puedo comprar una camiseta así? ^o^=

    (("Suarrealistic muscles" lol ¡me ha encantao!))

  12. sometimes your interest fades today but it's coming back tommorow!

  13. Frozen75: Thanks! that's so true hehe

    Itan: muchas gracias. No obstante, no es una humildad fingida. Sé que aún tengo mucho que mejorar jeje.

    manchic: Thank you. I will take a look.

    Nezu: Thank you! ♥

    Petit: Dudo que las vendan, pero cuando quieras te dibujo una y al menos la puedes usar como recortable xD. Gracias :D

    q: thanks!

    cuteguy: very true

  14. I for one would hope you don't stop drawing your men any time soon. Your art is absolutely gorgeous!

  15. For the sake of all your fans (past, present and future), please keep on drawing men like this... I'd give much just to be able to draw as you do...

    A neighbour from France ;) (sorry, but the only thing I can say in spanish is "No hablo español" :p)

  16. Hi. This is only the second time I visit your blog, which I happened to find by chance when searching for Yaoi sites.
    Your work is incredible and your men are mesmerizing in their lustness and eroticity. I felt horny by looking at them in their muscular perfection, rich facial expressions and your cleverness in conveying shades of meaning through your drawing.
    Please do not stop drawing men. You do it extremely well. I also read the texts and will check the things you post more attentively soon.
    Great hugs from Brazil!

  17. Found your site by chance. Love this particular drawing, reminds me of my 1st boyfriend. I hope you will continue to draw beautiful works. And we dont mind reading bout you too, so please keep us updated with your thoughts, experience etc. Thanks :)