Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Super Health Club

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I posted here the last time. Sorry about that... I've been busy with my work and other projects (like my comic), and I didn't have much time left to work on Bara art and fanart.

But I'm here today to bring good news for fans of my Bara illustrations and also for fans of dating simulator games/visual novel games. Recently, I started working with Oonyx Games on their latest project, a Bara game titled Super Health Club. It will be a +18 game full of big muscle guys, sexy illustrations and fun.

Oonyx just opened the site for the game. You can go there by clicking in the banner above. Even though the game is still in development, you can learn some information about it in the site. Also, you can download a wallpaper of the first character that has been revealed, Thomas. There will be more to come, so check the site often.

We are working pretty hard to bring you a very good Bara game, completely in English (and most likely in Spanish, Chinese and Japanese too) and, of course, uncensored.

I'll be updating you guys about the creation process here in this blog, and I'll be posting some art too. Also, remember to check out Oonyx site and Super Health Club site to stay updated and learn new things about the game.


  1. It sounds awesome, look forward to hearing more about it and hopefully buying it.

    Love your work as always, never forget that amazing commission of Superboy you did for me.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Good god!
    I will definitely pre-order! :]

  3. Now that's cute!

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  4. Madre de un Dios! A dream come true!! ^o^ Fan fan y megafan de este proyecto! Una gran aportación tanto al mundo de los juegos de citas como al mundo del Bara. Sobre todo si tenemos en cuenta que juegos en inglés de este género los podemos contar con los dedos de la mano :PP

    Me alegro muchísimo. Por ti y por nosotros!! Ayyy, no puedo esperar para ver a los otros personajes jaja Mucha energía para todo el equipo de desarrollo!

  5. Just played the demo, I actually like the game! Hope to get more updates soon!