Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to Peek a dong!

Hello everyone, it's DongSaeng from Y-Gallery.

So... Some people told me that Y-Gallery could be gone in a month. At first I didn't took them seriously and thought that they were joking. But then I read that the news in the front page (I never pay attention to the news post there, I'm a bad and lazy person.) It would be terrible if that ever happens... There's nothing I could do to help though, but I hope someone does.

However, I think I have a responsability with my fans there, who have supported me to this point with their comments, cheers and commissions. I owe them a lot, and will always do. That's why I decided to create this new blog, so you can follow my bara/manga/whatever art in the case that Y-Gallery shuts down (I hope that will never happen though *crossing fingers*.)

I will post here my new sketches and stuff, and if Y-gallery finally closes, I will upload here my old art too. I apologize because of the layout... This is one default blogger template. Right now I can't make one special template, but I will do soon.

Since I haven't had this planned, I have no new sketches to post today. Here's the last drawing I posted yesterday in Y-gallery. Also, I'm posting the lineart too... I love to see my drawing painted by other people, so feel free to paint it if you like it.

Thank you for coming here and excuse my poor english.


  1. Your English is not that bad XD, and i'm happy that you'll be posting your old (and hopefully new) pics here. Everyone's kind of abandoning ship in case the y! does close down. I'll link your blog to mine and i hope you will do the same ( pretty please XD, lol ) Anyway, most of us will be scattered over the internet so blogland will be the closest thing for us to stay in touch.
    Link to my blog

  2. Yeah, awfull news about Y!, i thought It was a joke too :(
    Love to know more about you dongsaeang, It was a while since you take a time off (Sigo tu otro Blog. Y comparto el sentimiento. Un abrazo virtual a la distancia :).

    Also, Its awsome to know that you love to see your art painted by other people. I will definetly give it a shot! ;D

  3. welcome to the xxx blogger world!!!! Lol

    Es bueno tener varias opciones para subir cosas, y por aca mucha gente tiene mas confianza para vigilarte (con tantas uasencias de Y!) dudo mucho que dicho sitio cierre, pero por aca te seguiremos

  4. I also didn't keep up with the Y! news and was so sad when I finally saw the newsletter. I really love your work and will continue to follow it even if Y! Gallery closes (but I pray that it doesn't).

  5. I'm so happy you're here! I'm glad there are other places we could follow your work.

  6. K3rry: Thank you hehe. I'm adding your link right now. Hugs!

    Leon: Muchas gracias Leon. Un abrazo a ti también. If you ever paint any of my drawings, please let me know so I can see the results! :)

    devilman: muchas gracias!xD Es como si tuviera una doble vida, pero en ambos blogs trato temas que prefiero que no se mezclen jeje.

    Nico: I really hope Y gallery doesn't close. Thank you.

    TotJ: Thank you!

  7. I'm so glad you decided to make this blog! This way I can forever access all your awesome goodness! :3
    I LOVE your "normal" blog. I'm sure I'll love this one just as much!

    Much love, your biggest fan! =D

    Mi O

  8. Awesome! Glad to see you out here :D

  9. I heard about you from various places on the web, but I never could find a working link. All I have is and it's not working (at least for me). A link to your Y-Gallery profile in the sidebar would be welcome ;)


  10. o-panda: thanks :D Glad to see you too!

    Julian: to see my gallery on Y, you have to be logged in. That's the correct link hehe.

    Thanks to you.

  11. @DongSaeng D'oh, if only I knew! It was just displaying "page not found". I'm going to check your page immediately! Thanks a lot!